Thursday, June 17, 2010

Makin' it 'Rain'

Rain Sushi Bar is a true Atlanta hidden gem. Hidden because it is literally hard to find (especially if you’re not familiar with the area). A gem because it has amazing specials.

Every Wednesday and Thursday, Rain offers $1 sushi rolls. Here’s how it works—nigiri is $1 for each individual piece, and maki is $2 for a four-piece roll. You have to order a minimum of $8 worth of food per person, and it’s dine-in only. 

The quality of the food is excellent, but don’t expect anything fancy from the dollar-menu—just a decent selection of simple sushi staples, like the spicy tuna roll or the bagel roll. If you’re looking for specialty rolls, like the rainbow, the typhoon, or the Georgia roll, then you have to stick to the regular menu. Although, the presentation of those rolls might just be worth the higher price.

They also have a Thai menu, but I've never even asked for it--the sushi special is just too good!

Bonus: Do check out the bathrooms. Amidst the modern d├ęcor is a tiny TV screen in each bathroom that plays “The Titanic” on loop—the movie, not the soundtrack. You know, in case you’re looking for some entertainment while you’re in there.

THE VERDICT: Excellent food and laid-back atmosphere in a weird part of town. Come here for a quick but a very delicious dinner.

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