Thursday, July 1, 2010


I felt had to make it up to my friends for the misadventure that was Tin Roof Cantina. To the rescue—Hobnob Neighborhood Tavern. What a breath of fresh air.

This place is welcoming and friendly. It has a really nice outdoor patio, a full bar—including a beer list that would impress any brew master—and a late night menu. The wait for our table was about 20 minutes, but we did get there late and without a reservation. 

Our server was great—hilarious to talk to and very accommodating. The food was delicious. The burgers (all ground in-house) were definitely a crowd favorite, especially the lamb burger, as was a giant order of the mac’n’cheese we all shared. Each food item on the menu is conveniently paired with a beer recommendation, in case you aren’t a connoisseur. 

If Hobnob is your last stop of the night, try their hummus, fries, and $1 hotdogs to satisfy that late-night craving. 

The only downside is the parking—it’s valet only. However—and I didn’t tell you this—there’s plenty of open spots in the Ansley Mall shopping center across the street. 

THE VERDICT: I have to admit—I never paid much attention to this place before. It’s on a busy street corner in the middle of midtown (Piedmont & Monroe), and I was afraid it’d be packed with d-bags. I was wrong. I might just become a regular. 

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