Friday, October 22, 2010


A new upscale restaurant recently opened at Phipps. What. A. Surprise. 

But hear me out—this one’s actually worth checking out. Davio’s is a great place because it is appropriate for so many different social situations. It’s great for happy hour, when all you want is a cold beer and some pizza. It’s also an outstanding place for a pre-dinner drink when you want to impress your date (think Ketel One dirty martini or a nice glass of Malbec). And, of course, it is fantastic for a nice dinner, whether for a romantic date or a festive outing with a big group. Essentially, Davio’s is a white-table-cloth restaurant with a classy d├ęcor and the most seasonal ingredients, but without the stuck-up atmosphere. 

The service at Davio’s is what really deserves some attention—it is superb. Let’s put it this way—I don’t even remember putting aside my B&B plate or asking for clean silverware when the food came out. I don’t remember asking for a water refill or a clean napkin. Whatever possible request I was thinking of, the bartender was already on it. What I do remember is his bartending skills—that Ketel One dirty martinit? The most perfect combination of vodka, olive juice, and vermouth—in other words, the most perfect end to a long day (ahem, week) at work. 

I didn’t have a lot of food at Davio’s, but one dish did stand out—the goat cheese truffle potato puffs. OMG, they’re good. I can still remember that delicious taste of warm goat cheese and truffles. If you’re going to get one thing here, get them—they are to die for. I mean, I’m sure the prime USDA steaks aren’t bad either… 

THE VERDICT: I went to Davio’s last week with a colleague to grab a quick drink. The food, the drinks, the atmosphere, and the service turned out to be so good, I ended up staying for hours.

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