Wednesday, October 27, 2010

In the 'Market' for a new lunch spot?

A friend recently suggested catching up over lunch at the Market at the W Buckhead hotel. The lover of exploring new places that I am, I couldn’t turn down her offer. And I’m glad I went—I had the best lunch I’ve had in years. 

I have to admit, I had my reservations about this place: I’ve been to the rooftop bar at the W Buckhead before and didn’t have the best experience (it's a very trendy place, with very pricey drinks, very slow service, and $20 valet parking). If Market was going to be anything like Whiskey Blue, I would have been one very grumpy patron. 

Luckily, all of my reservations flew out the door the second I walked in. This place is really cute and keeps to the modern/trendy feel of the rest of the hotel. 

But let’s please get right to the food—it was outstanding! The appetizers (we tried the seared salt-cracker crusted tuna), salads, and burgers all looked mouthwatering, but my favorite part of the menu was the lunchbox, where you can pick two dishes for $14. I got cheese ravioli and steamed shrimp salad, which came with these amazingly delicious mushrooms and champagne dressing (that I've now been trying to replicate at home, to no avail). Who knew mushrooms and champagne could go so well together? 

And since it was Friday, my friend and I went all out and splurged on desert—we got the chocolate cake, the apple tart tatin, and the sour cream cheese cake with fresh cherries. So good! Can’t wait to take my fiancĂ© there for dinner.

The Market is also a great place for events. Tonight, they’re having a special HOWL-ween celebration for man’s friend—Pups on the Patio. They’re featuring $5 cocktails and complimentary treats for you and your pup. There’s even a best-dressed pup contest! 

THE VERDICT: Everything about this place is amazing. The service—very friendly. The food—incredible. And that $20 valet crap? Done away with. Market now validates valet parking for up to 3 hours. 

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