Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Happy National Taco Day

Yesterday was National Taco Day. As if I needed an extra reason to go to Tin Lizzy’s, the cantina was offering a buy-one-get-one-free taco promotion for the night. I simply couldn’t pass up celebrating what should be a national holiday (after all, tacos are at the top of my favorite foods list), so I headed to the Buckhead location with a few pals for dinner. 

This little taqueria is awesome. It’s a tiny shack on the corner of Piedmont and Roswell that serves a huge variety of very tasty tacos. Some of my favorites are the super gyro, BBQ chicken, buffalo shrimp, and chipotle steak. 

I was ready to order all four, but our waitress wasn’t too quick to accept for the two-for-one deal. She kept going back and fourth, checking with the owner about the details of the offer, but after some coercing, she eventually gave in (my journalism education is clearly paying off). 

Obviously, no taco meal is complete without tequila and dips, so we started the night off with margaritas, as well as some salsa and guac. Both were fresh and delicious, but in my opinion, overpriced—you shouldn’t have to pay for salsa at a taco place. We all ended up ordering way too much food, but half of it was free, so who cares, right? 

For desert, Tin Lizzy’s currently offers amazing cupcakes. Last night’s specials were bourbon and margarita cupcakes. I would have loved to try the latter, but who can possibly eat a cupcake after inhaling four tacos? I had to pass. However, I did notice several girls-only tables noshing on these mouth-watering creations. Perhaps the owner was feeling extra generous that night… 

THE VERDICT: Our server turned out to be awesome, and we were all really happy with the food and the bill. I’d go to Tin Lizzy’s any time, National Taco Day or not. The clientele can be a bit on the d-bag side, but the food’s so good, you won’t even notice.  

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