Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cinco de Mayo

One of my favorite holidays is finally here—Cinco de Mayo! This day has a special place in my heart for the same reasons many other Americans love this holiday: Yummy guac, gooey queso, and frozen margaritas! Celebrating this holiday seems so easy and enjoyable, yet some factors never fail to spoil the fun.   

In years past, I, like many fellow Mexican food lovers, have gone to a Mexican restaurant to enjoy the traditional fair, which only resulted in a three hour wait for a table, getting way too drunk on an empty stomach, and eating way too many chips and salsa to make up for it.

So this year, I’m avoiding all things negative—crowds, mariachi bands, watered down queso (it’s just never as good on May 5th as on any other day)—and heading to a place that serves up amazing frozen drinks, including margaritas. I’m going to Flip Flops—a midtown bar known for its casual, beachy atmosphere, despite being in the heart of Atlanta, and the aforementioned concoctions. 

I’m hoping the nearby taqueria Tin Lizzy’s attracts all the crowds, and that I can enjoy celebrating this glorious holiday with my friends without feeling like sardines in a can. 

THE VERDICT: I’ll let you know. 

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