Thursday, June 16, 2011

My new favorite drink

…is tequila. But not just any kind of tequila—Casa Dragones, to be exact. 

You: Surprise, surprise. You talk about your love of margaritas all the time. 
Me:  True, but here’s the kicker: It is a sipping tequila—as in served at room temperature and comes in a flute. 
You: And it tastes good?   
Me:  Delicious! It’s 100% blue agave, platinum tequila, and it’s super smooth. 
You: Better than Patron?
Me:  Way better. You could probably toss Casa Dragones back with salt and lime too, but then you’d be missing out on the actual delicious taste. 
You: And how did you find out about this new tequila?
Me:  I tasted it at an intimate gathering at the Quinones Room at Bacchanalia a few weeks ago. The tequila was paired with a menu of light bites, including tuna tataki, asparagus soup, and foie gras and crostini bites, put together by Chef Anne Quatrano. I even got a chance to chat with the Maestro Tequilero herself. 
You: Lucky bitch. Thanks for the invite, by the way. I’m intrigued—where can I buy it? 
Me: The super cool part is that Casa Dragones is a limited edition tequila, meaning that each bottle is signed and engraved by hand. 

THE VERDICT: I’m hooked! 

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