Tuesday, June 26, 2012

CWPR Restaurant Week

Confession: I love CW! If you don’t know who I’m talking about, you might as well stop reading now, because this PR maven rocks the Atlanta social scene’s world. 

If you are still reading (major points for you), you obviously know I’m talking about Caren West. You also probably already know what makes her so amazing: It’s not the clients she reps—although they are fabulous—but what she does for them. 

Take this week, for example. With so many cool restaurants as her clients, Caren’s organized a CWPR restaurant week! Hmm, some of the hottest eateries in town offering their house specialties at a discounted price? Genius! 

Here’s the skinny: CWPR restaurant week offers prix-fixe menus for lunch and dinner at places like Park Tavern, STK, Genki, and P’Cheen. The best part is that the price points for the menus vary, so going out to eat is actually affordable. 

Need to make plans for this weekend? Check out Park Tavern for dinner. For $35, you get the Himalayan Salt Block sushi experience as part of the three-course meal! I tried it last night and it is potentially the coolest thing I’ve ever done: You cook your own sushi on hot block of salt! Who doesn’t like assembling their own dinner, especially when it comes with all the necessary accoutrements for delicious sushi rolls, right? (BTW, the salt block sushi normally costs $70)

THE VERDICT: Such a genius idea, I can’t believe Caren hasn’t thought of this before! The deals are only good through Saturday, June 30, so make your reservation pronto. 

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