Monday, June 28, 2010

The 'Roof's' caved in

Dive bars are usually not my thing. A recent trip to Tin Roof Cantina reminded me why that is.

I expected Tin Roof Cantina to be a Mexican restaurant with a big patio, cheap drinks, and delicious quesadillas. Every review I’ve read about it mentioned great drink specials, live music, bar games, and a relaxing vibe, and the place is packed every time I drive by it. Since I live close by, I decided to grab some dinner there over the weekend and learned a very valuable lesson: Do your own research.

The first thing I noticed when I walked inside was the overwhelming stench of weed that filled the entire restaurant. The floors looked like they’ve never been cleaned, and the plastic seat covers were so torn up, they looked like a pack of rabid dogs got a hold of them. 

The patio looked much more welcoming, but the 95 degree heat and the guy playing live “music” by the door convinced me to stay inside. I ordered a margarita at the bar and watched the guy fill my glass with a ton of sour mix and a splash of dark rum

I should have just left at this point, but I wanted to be fair and give this place a chance. I settled into one of the chewed up booths, waiting for my friends to come and a server to notice me. Fifteen minutes later, still no server—but my friends finally arrived and we bolted

I didn’t even get to look at the menu, let alone order the tater tots and the tacos this place is apparently known for (thankful for it now).

THE VERDICT: The reviews I read have got to be talking about a different place. Tin Roof didn’t have any good drink specials (the best one was $4 Bud Lights, and I’m pretty sure they’re $3.95 at most places), and the atmosphere and music were awful. This place feels like more of a hangout than a job for the staff (I hear this place is hopping on Sundays for industry nights). Not coming back.

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