Thursday, June 19, 2014

Feast Your Eyes: Zinburger

I recently came across this photo and thought, “If only Zinburger existed in Carrie Bradshaw’s heyday.”

Luckily for you, Zinburger does exist today. Even better: One just opened in Buckhead!

Don’t be fooled by its location. Yes, it’s technically in Lenox Mall, but the menu and quality of food is far from the food court stuff. Zinburger only uses Buckhead Beef (including American-style Kobe beef), which is delivered fresh daily and ground twice daily, so nothing is frozen. If you’d rather avoid red meat, there’s a plenitude of protein options (Ahi tuna, turkey, chicken, etc.).
(c) Lauren Vereen Photographics

Don’t be fooled by its lengthy wait time, either (yes, even though it only opened on Tuesday, there’s already a wait at dinner). Just grab a glass of wine or a cocktails at the bar and hang out – the food is worth it, people.
(c) Lauren Vereen Photographics

Speaking of alcohol, Zinburger’s wine selection is impressive and glasses start at just $5. The eatery also serves up some fantastic cocktails, like the Spiced Mule or the Girl Next Door. My fave, though, is the Kentucky Smash (bourbon, mint, bitters, lemon juice) – and I’m not even a bourbon drinker.
(c) Lauren Vereen Photographics
Back to the food: I noshed on number of their burgers – the signature Zinburger (with Zinfandel-braised onions), Samburger, El Diablo, Ahi sandwich, etc. – during the restaurant’s preview days over the weekend. All burgers are cooked to the temperature of your choice and are served on a potato bun (super yummy, but ask for less butter if you’re counting calories).
Don't mind the slider-sized burger--it was just for the preview tasting
Sides are served a la carte, but each one serves two, so they’re great for sharing. The double truffle fries are phenom-nom-nomenal. For a healthier option, try a salad, like the BLT or the Napa.
Chinese chicken salad

Do save room for dessert. I’m not a big sweets person, but after taking one sip, I may or may not be addicted to the salted caramel shake now… Which means I can’t wait to go back! 
Actual shakes are larger than they appear here
Special thanks to Lauren Vereen for the photos! 

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