Tuesday, November 18, 2014

New Taste Tuesday: Gypsy Kitchen

It's official: Gypsy Kitchen is the best new restaurant in Atlanta. 

This newly opened Spanish cuisine eatery even managed to surpass my (now previous) favorite restaurant after just one meal.

Everything about this place exceeds your expectation: The Moroccan-inspired decor, the outstanding wine and cocktail list, the traditional Spanish cured meats, the flavorful small-plate dishes, the gorgeous views from the rooftop patio. 
The gorgeous Gypsy Kitchen wrap-around patio
The food and drink options are truly endless here, so here's my best advice for dining at Gypsy Kitchen: Go with a group and order one of everything. I'm not kidding. 

Come hungry and start with the things on toast and embutidos (cured meets) sections. These plates come out really quickly, which means you can snack on something while pondering the rest of the menu (even though you're just going to order one of each and share). Anything with bleu cheese on/in it is a must (I went for the onion and bleu cheese toast), as well as jamon Iberico (perhaps the most well-known of all the Spanish charcuteries)

Grab a cocktail (you can't go wrong with the Seville Rose, below) and get ready for the small plates.
The Seville Rose: Vodka, rose pieces & spice, egg white, lemon, soda
If you only get one appetizer (which you won't), get the octopus! Just do it. Yes, every restaurant in Atlanta has their own version, but I've never had any as tender and flavorful as the one at Gypsy Kitchen. 

The cauliflower and Serrano ham croquetas, charred leaks and little neck clams are also phenomenal. 
Confit Spanish octopus: Potato, paprika, garlic chips, parsley

Chilled charred-steamed leeks: Salbitxada sauce, leek ash

Nosh on the little gems salad (with bleu cheese and dates) and gypsy salad (shaved veggies in a lemon vinaigrette) before your entrees arrive. 

For your main course, I highly recommend the paella. And the Serrano-wrapped trout, and the Macona almond tiki masala chicken, and the beef tenderloin tips, and the lemon fish, and the pork tenderloin. Told you you'd be ordering a lot and sharing. 
Paella fried rice: Shrimp, chorizo, peas, fried egg

Beef tenderloin tips: Pepper-potato hash, cava-cabrales bleu fondue 

That's a lot of food, y'all! But if you're still hungry, go for the 20-oz. barrel cut beef tenderloin. This beauty walked by my table several times, and I drooled every time. It's plated on a wooden block, cooked to perfection and served with Catalan creamed spinach.

If you have room left for dessert, I am impressed. If you don't, order it anyway: The salted caramel flan heavenly, as are the spiced apple empanadas.

At this point, you're going to want a digestif. Do ask for the amarro and sherry cart. A lovely gentleman will come by with dozens of bottles of both and help you pick the right one. Enjoy it on one of their two patios (probably the covered, heated one this week) with the Atlanta skyline as your backdrop. 

For a baller pro-tip, watch my video review of Gypsy Kitchen below (made with Tastemade):

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