Tuesday, November 4, 2014

New Tastes Tuesday: Gusto! Wood Fire Grill

So, you’re in the mood for either a) some tasty comfort food that won’t ruin your holiday-party-dress diet or b) something healthy that is also exotically delicious and won’t leave you starving.

The concept is very simple yet genius: Pick your base (leafy greens/grains/sandwich bread), choose your protein (chicken/shrimp/portobello), and pile on your favorite toppings (aka gustos). The latter, gustos, is a combination of fresh veggies and fruit, house-made sauce and a fresh garnish. Think tahini cucumber feta (my personal favorite) or chipotle mango avocado.
Bread + shrimp + chipotle mango avocado (via Facebook/Gusto!) 
In other words, you could get a bowl of rice with portobello mushrooms and sweet soy sriracha (snow peas, grape tomatoes, purple cabbage, carrots in a spicy ginger dressing) or a salad topped with shrimp and spiced tomato tzatziki (cucumbers, chickpeas, Moroccan roasted tomatoes in a lemon mint yogurt dressing).
Grains + portobello + sweet soy sriracha (via Facebook/Gusto!)
Greens + chicken + spiced tomato tzatziki (via Facebook/Gusto!)
Is your mouth watering yet? I’ve had both of the options above and trust me, you can’t go wrong with either (or any other 50+ combinations Gusto! offers).

Personally, this is my favorite way to eat and a great way to sneak more veggies into your diet. I love that Gusto! is open for lunch and dinner every day. So next time you’re craving something delicious and healthy, keep this place in mind.

Want to see it for yourself before you take a drive down Peachtree Road? Here you go (with a cameo from Gusto's founder, Nate Hybl!): 

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