Tuesday, June 30, 2015

New Taste Tuesday: Masti!

In Hindi, Masti means fun, and that’s precisely what this Indian restaurant wants you to do here: Have fun! The new Toco Hills eatery is making a name for itself by providing deconstructed Indian street food dishes and Indian-inspired takes on neighborhood favorites, such as burgers, hot dogs, taco, and pasta.

WHY GO: Just because you’re using silverware in this restaurant, doesn’t mean you’re not eating street food.

THE VIBE: Colorful! From the decorations to the servers’ uniforms to the rice crisps you’re served when you first sit down (they're pink and blue and purple!).

DRINK THIS: Taj Mahal premium lager. The “Budweiser” of Indian beer is light and easy to drink; plus it comes in a large bottle that easily serves two.

EAT THIS: Thali is a good starting point is you’re not sure where to start. The family-style dinner comes with a protein of your choice, veggies, plus lots of yummy sauces and bread. The butter chicken tacos are also a must, which are served on Indian pancakes made of lentils and rice as shells. There are also burgers and hot dogs infused with Indian flavors, so when in doubt, just ask your server for recommendations.
Family-style thali dinner
Butter chicken tacos served in Indian pancakes made of lentils and rice (so they're gluten free!)
Padpi chat: An appetizer of chickpeas, tomatoes, potatoes, and onions mixed with spices and yogurt.
FUN FACT: Before you leave, check out the bar of Indian spices b to help you digest your meal. Think candied ginger, sweet fennel seeds, and various dried fruit.
"Little India:" A row of Indian spices to help you digest your meal

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