Tuesday, June 23, 2015

New Taste Tuesday: Trader Vic’s

OK, so technically, Trader Vic’s isn’t new to Atlanta. It’s actually been luring folks with their island-inspired drinks for years. And neither the drinks nor the food ever disappoint.

WHY GO: Because on Thursdays, Mai Tais are only $5!

THE VIBE: Tropical. Think tiki torches, wicker chairs, and drinks served in conch shells. You’ll never know you’re actually inside the Hilton Hotel downtown Atlanta.
Courtesy Trader Vic's

DRINK THIS: Mai Tai. Trader Vic’s has the very best ones in city. Served over crushed ice, they taste even better during happy hour on Thursdays.
The famous Trader Vic's Mai Tai

EAT THIS: Seafood. Go ahead and splurge on the wok-fried lobsters, scallops, and prawns. Another good option is anything from the woodfire oven, especially the Indonesian rack of lamb. And do start with some Polynesian-inspired appetizers though, such as crab rangoon or BBQ spare ribs.
Crab rangoon and BBQ spare ribs as appetizers

Wok stir-fried seafood over veggies

Indonesian rack of lamb

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