Tuesday, July 7, 2015

New Taste Tuesday: RA Sushi

Hot temperatures call for cold food, but there’s only so many salads you can eat in one season. Enter my second favorite food group of all time: Sushi! And a great place to get sushi in Atlanta is RA Sushi in midtown.
RA Sushi

WHY GO: Because you’re bored with the standard California/spicy tuna rolls. RA Sushi is known for putting a fun twist on traditional sushi by using ingredients such as lotus flower, garlic chips or kiwi wasabi sauce.
Courtesy RA Sushi

THE VIBE: The opposite of stuffy. Bright red lanterns adorn the bar area, giant bamboo sticks separate it from the main dining room, and the indoor/outdoor patio is perfect in any weather.  

DRINK THIS: It’s summer, so try a fruit-inspired cocktail, like ones made with peach, pear or mango. The peach basil sour (pictured, left) is my favorite. Oh, and here, fruity ≠ sugar coma.
EAT THIS:  Tasty, tasty seafood. It’s a must at RA, especially in the summer, when more varieties of fresh seafood are available. All fish and shellfish here is super fresh and expertly paired with the perfect accoutrements, from sashimi to nigiri to maki.

When I came here earlier this seasons, my favorite was the seabream: It is super light but has an excellent texture and a sweet taste.
Seabream sashimi and nigiri

RA Sushi's take on the tuna roll -- so delicious!
Summer salad with kiwi wasabi dressing
Viva Las Vegas roll: A must-try from the signature sushi menu
FUN FACT: The menu at RA changes seasonally, so the spring/summer selections take into account what you’re craving in the warmer months -- food that is fresh, light and keeps you cool. If you want to try them, you’ve only got a few more months to do so! 

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