Tuesday, January 12, 2016

New Taste Tuesday: Makan

(c) Makan
On cold, rainy days, I tend to crave a bowl of hot ramen or maybe some pork belly buns. If you, too, have Asian-inspired winter cravings, you’ll love Makan

Even though it’s still fairly new to the Decatur dining scene, this hidden gem has become known for its Chinese-Korean fare. Here’s what you can expect:  

WHY GO: Because kimchi and dumplings and bibimbap sounds pretty good right now. And you don’t want to go to more than one place to get them all. 
(c) Makan

THE VIBE: Community-driven, festive, familial. 
(c) Makan

DRINK THIS: China town cold tea. It comes in an adorable tea pot and serves 2+. Be sure to ask your server for the backstory on this one! 
(c) Makan

EAT THIS: Buns, buns buns! Pork belly buns are the restaurant’s signature dish, but they also offer roasted duck buns and tofu & veggie ones. Why not go all out and try them all!
(c) Makan

One thing I'm really excited to go back to try is the kimchi! It wasn't on the menu when I first dined here, but the current selection looks impressive: Seasonal kimchi & pickle plate, braised greens with kimchi, the kimchied apples that come with the tonkatsu ramen bowl, mmm! 

Plus, did you know kimchi is really good for you? The fermentation helps keep your gut healthy for better digestion -- hello, win-win. 

FUN FACT: Happy hour is every weekday 5-7 p.m. with half-priced food selections. And on Sundays (and Saturdays and Friday, actually), check out Makan’s dim sum offerings if you’re in the mood to vary your brunch. 

Btw, the restaurant is located inside the Courtyard Decatur Downtown and validates parting in the hotel garage. 

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