Tuesday, May 17, 2016

New Taste Tuesday: Andretti Grill burgers

(c) Andretti 
May is National Burger Month, and Andretti Grill is taking it seriously. 

Yep, I said Andretti Grill. You know, the one located inside Andretti Indoor Karting & Games, where you’d go to race some go-karts or play arcade games. Oh, and to eat tasty, tasty food! So if you if you didn’t know the entertainment complex has a destination dining experience, now you know. 

During the month of May, Andretti Grill is focusing on burgers and is featuring a limited-time, specialty creation each week. This week’s feature? The Latin House Burger, which is topped with ham, bacon, cheddar, avocado and a fried egg! 
The Latin House Burger / (c) Andretti

Other burgers to look out for this month are the Good Old Fashioned Meatloaf Burger, the OMG Burger, and the Whole Hog Burger, and they’re all available at both the Roswell and the Marietta locations. Please tell me I’m not the only one whose mouth is watering right now! 
The OMG Burger / (c) Andretti

I asked chef Anna Firmani to spill her burger-perfecting secrets, whether you’re eating at Andretti Grill or making them at your house. Happy eating! 

Belly of the Feast: How did you come up with the four burgers for National Burger Month? 
Anna Firmani: I was developing a new menu for 2017 and was paying attention to what our guests, chefs and staff tend to modify when placing orders for our handcrafted Andretti 10-oz. burger. I often question guests and staff about ingredients they would like in a burger, and I have many ideas recorded in my notebooks. I like to create fusion burger recipes, with ingredients representing different cultures, hoping to create an “unforgettable burger moment.” 

BOTF: Which burger is your favorite? They’re probably all your favorite, but if you could only eat one for the rest of the month, which one would it be? 
AF: All burgers are a unique taste experience, but my favorite might be the Good Old Fashioned Meatloaf Burger. It is a combination of southern buttermilk biscuit with meatloaf (Italian version: Polpettone al forno), topped with mozzarella cheese and my homemade secret spicy ketchup sauce. 
The Good Old Fashioned Meatloaf Burger / (c) Andretti

BOTF: When cooking burgers at home, do you add a secret ingredient? Or do you have a sneaky cooking technique that makes them taste just right? 
AF: My own special home recipe is now the Andretti Burger. I won’t tell all my secrets, but the correct amount of fat when grinding beef is critical, and also to never use frozen beef. Seasoning is very important to improve the flavor profile, and cooking at 500 degrees Fahrenheit gives a proper sear on the burger while keeping the insides moist and tasty. 

BOTF: What do you recommend pairing with burgers? Fries are a classic choice, but what other sides would you suggest? 
AF: Our homemade garlic potato chips are really special. We slice potatoes in house and cook them fresh daily, drizzled with homemade gourmet garlic butter. 

BOTF: How big of an aspect is the food when it comes to the entire Andretti experience? 
AF: The Andretti Grill is a unique dining experience. Our goal is for our patrons to come for the racing and games, but then come back specifically for the food! Many have told us exactly that, because at first, they never expect the level of dining found here. And they always come again, planning to take full advantage of Andretti Grill. Andretti is an entire package of entertainment and dining for all ages, and we want to be remembered for the total experience. 

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