Friday, July 8, 2016

Nitro coffee: Where to get the best cold brew in Atlanta [Currently Obsessed With]

Lucky Goat nitro iced coffee
I am in love with nitrogen-infused cold-brewed iced coffee! 

I know I’m a bit late to the game — it was one of the biggest food trends of 2015 — but I didn’t truly start to appreciate nitro coffee until earlier this summer, during a trip to Tallahassee, Florida. 

A friend recommended getting a cup of Lucky Goat coffee at a local breakfast shop, so I did, thinking nothing of it. I was immediately hooked! 

It was poured like a beer, from a tap, and had the richest foam on top. It even looked like a beer — a Guinness, but over ice. 
Still the Lucky Goat nitro iced coffee... look at that foam!

This coffee didn’t need anything added to it, and that’s coming from a perennial cream-and-sugar girl! I drank it every day for the rest of the trip and haven’t stopped thinking about it since.

The bad news is that Lucky Goat is local to Tallahassee only (who wants to help me franchise it in Atlanta??). But I’ve been scouring Atlanta’s best coffee shops for my new obsession, and the good news is that there are quite a few places to get nitro coffee in Atlanta. My top five are below. 

Where’s your favorite iced/nitro coffee from? 
Octane nitro brew from Sublime Doughnuts 

Octane Coffee: Obviously, one of Atlanta’s favorite coffee roasters serves the delicious iced concoction. It’s so good, other establishments around Atlanta carry it, too. 

Sublime Doughnuts: Just one of the shops that carries Octane’s nitro coffee on tap. Lucky for me, its Briarcliff location is walking distance from my house! 

Taproom Coffee & Beer: This coffee shop’s claim to fame is its Nitro Beerspresso. There’s no beer in it and it’s completely non-alcoholic, but it is dry-hopped and nitro-infused and very tasty. 

Ration & Dram: The Kirkwood restaurant serves the Batdorf & Bronson cold brew on tap, and you can get it by itself or as part of a cocktail. 

Chrome Yellow: This Old Fourth Ward coffee shop is great because you can grab a delicious cup of nitro cold brew and stock up on jeans, dresses and home accessories at the same time. 

BONUS: Wanderlust Coffee Company: This lovely roastery doesn’t have a brick-and-mortar store, but it does have a traveling coffee bar you can hire for events, and its nitro-brewed bottled coffee is sold throughout Atlanta. 

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