Friday, October 14, 2016

Fave Five: Best Patios in Atlanta

O-Ku Atlanta (c) Atl Bucket List 
Grab your blanket scarves, everyone -- it's patio dining weather in Atlanta! 

Now that the low temps are no longer in the 80s (finallyyyyy), it's time to enjoy your food and drink al fresco. But where should you go? Atlanta certainly has its fare share of restaurants with outdoor patios, so below is a list of my favorites, based on overall atmosphere, (relative) lack of wait time, and food & beverage selection. 

*No, you won't see Barcelona Wine Bar or LadyBird or BeetleCat on this list. Even thought they're some of my favorites in Atlanta (and their patios are beautiful), I prefer to send you somewhere that isn't overly crowded/overpriced. Hope you enjoy! 

5 best dining patios in Atlanta

(c) Gypsy Kitchen

I love everything about this Buckhead eatery! On its spacious patio, there are comfy couches if you're looking to lounge, large tables if you're gathering with a group, pretty lights throughout, and views of the city skyline on one side and Restoration Hardware on the other (both are equally stunning). The wine selection is impressive, and the bartenders know how to craft a cocktail. Oh, and the majority of the menu is small plates, so if you want a little snack with your beverage or a full meal, you can order that, too. What's not to love? 

(c) CommunitySmith
Love me a good rooftop bar! Especially when there's also a fire pit, some lovely greenery, and pretty, pretty views of Atlanta. This is a great place for after-work gatherings or to impress a date. You can also rent out the entire space for a private event. 

(c) 5Church
Situated in the heart of midtown -- at the corner of Peachtree & 14th Streets -- this patio is perfect for people-watching and skyscraper-gazing. Surrounded by half a dozen all-glass towers, you'll feel like you're in the middle of a truly urban city. This is a great place to watch Atlanta's nightlife come to life on Fridays and Saturdays; it's also a good way to start your own Friday or Saturday evening, as this restaurant is within walking distance of a number of midtown's bars and clubs. 

(c) Grain Bar ATL
This restaurant -- and its patio -- might look small, but don't let the compact size fool you: The drinks are potent, the bartenders know their shit, and the food specials are pretty spectacular. $1 oysters between 4-6 p.m., anyone? And how about cocktails on tap, cocktails with liquid nitrogen, or edible cocktails? Plus, everyone is really friendly and you just kind of want to stay here forever. 

(c) The Midway Pub
Can I please have this many lights on my patio at home? Sadly, no, which is why I like to come to this East Atlanta Village pub for outdoor drinking. That, and their awesome beer list. Midway's selection goes beyond the typical craft beer list (think extensive sour or barrel-aged choices), and you can order your beverage in a variety of sizes, starting with as little as 4 oz (if you just want a little taste, or that one last sip before the night is over). 

P.S.: Check out my list of best patios from years past! All still valid options, if you've already been to the five above. 

P.P.S.: Why isn't O-Ku, the restaurant featured in the very first photo, on the list, you ask? Because I haven't tried it yet. Wouldn't be fair to write about something I haven't experienced for myself. But that's changing very soon -- stay tuned! 

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