Tuesday, November 22, 2016

New Taste Tuesday: O-Ku Sushi Atlanta

Creative sushi rolls. Impressively fresh ingredients. Fantastic views of Atlanta from the rooftop bar. Need more reasons to visit O-Ku Sushi? Keep reading about the new Japanese restaurant on Atlanta’s west side.

WHY GO: Because you’re craving better-than-average sushi, on a rooftop, with a kickass view.
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THE VIBE: Cool and dimly lit, O-Ku is the place to see and be seen on a Friday or Saturday night.

DRINK THIS: Try a new bottle of sake. Ask your server for a recommendation: The staff is very knowledgeable and knows how to match your taste buds to the flavors of your upcoming meal.

EAT THIS: Start with the scallop tiradito as your appetizer. This is potentially the best starter I’ve ever had at a sushi restaurant: Raw scallop that’s perfectly torched and served with truffle shavings, caviar and truffle soy. This dish is a must, I tell you!
Scallop tiradito (top) and hamachi carpaccio (bottom) 

I also had the hamachi carpaccio, twist pepper roll, barracuda nigiri, and a chef’s tasting of moriawase (mixed sashimi or nigiri platter).
Twist pepper sushi roll

O-Ku is the only sushi restaurant in Atlanta (that I’ve been to) that does nigiri properly: A generous portion of raw fish over a small ball of rice, instead of the other way around. The selection of seafood is also better than at most restaurants: Where else can you find barracuda and jelly fish and bonito all in one night?
Moriawase (chef's tasting of nigiri)

As you may have figured out by now, I’m a big fan of raw seafood, so all of my recommendations above include raw ingredients. If you’re not a fan, O-Ku does have cooked options you can choose from, like shrimp and crab nigiri/sashimi, as well as hot entrees, some of which aren’t seafood based.

After dinner, be sure to grab dessert or a drink at the rooftop bar.

LOGISTICS: Located inside Westside Ironworks (next to Barcelona and Tom + Chee, and across from West Egg Cafe), O-Ku Sushi offers complimentary valet parking. It's also within walking distance to great after-dinner places, like Little Trouble and Ormsby's. Oh, and every Monday and Wednesday, all sushi rolls are half price 5-7 p.m.!

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