Tuesday, December 13, 2016

New Taste Tuesday: Storico Fresco

Many restaurants claim to have authentic Italian food in Atlanta, but few live up to the hype. One new eatery actually delivers on its promise: Storico Fresco serves traditional Italian meals that are impressively close to what you would eat in Italy.
Imported oils and vinegars are just one part of the Storico Fresco market

This hidden Buckhead gem is great for a quick lunch or a casual dinner. Or both: Sit down to lunch and leave with your dinner. In addition to the restaurant, Storico Fresco also has a market of drool-worthy Italian goods, such as house-made pastas and sauces, cured meats and cheeses, imported olive oils, and full prepared meals like lasagna.
Ready to heat meals for when you're on the go

Plus, you’ll feel super European walking down the street with a fresh loaf of bread and some meat and cheese (even if it’s just to your car).

WHY GO: Because authentic Italian fare is hard to find, and this place comes pretty darn close to the real thing.

THE VIBE: Clean, minimalist, elegant. Plenty of natural light, with wooden tables and chairs in the middle and market goods around the perimeter.
The main dining room of Storico Fresco, surrounded by market goods

DRINK THIS: The Italian 75! Prosecco and limoncello, it’s Storico Fresco’s answer to the traditional mimosa. If you like bourbon and ginger, the Fox & Hound cocktail is also very tasty.
Everything on the cocktail menu looks great

EAT THIS: Anything that has mozzarella on it. Here’s why: Any time this particular cheese is mentioned on the menu, it’s buffalo mozzarella, which is so much better than any other kind.
The prosciutto and mozzarella plate, with bread and olive oil 

You can’t go wrong if you start with the prosciutto and mozzarella plate. Of the antipasti plates, the meatballs are a pretty solid choice. And if you’re trying to eat more greens, get the mista salad.
Mista salad with cipollini onions and mozzarella-covered meatballs 

For the pastas, you have two choices: Filled or unfilled. The menu starts with the latter, such as spaghetti, tagliatelle and rigatoni. The second half of the pasta menu is filled, including the pi fasaac and bertu options. All pastas are made in-house and are displayed in a counter, in case you prefer to see what you’re ordering.
House-made pasta you can get to go 
LOGISTICS: The only caveat here is that Storico Fresco is a little hard to find if you’ve never been here before. It’s located on Grandview Avenue, just off Peachtree Street. The parking for it is in the same lot as Kale Me Krazy, right off Peachtree, but you have to walk down Grandview a little to see it on your left.

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