Tuesday, August 22, 2017

New Taste Tuesday: One Midtown Kitchen

One Midtown Kitchen has recently started offering a new culinary adventure every Thursday: An intimate dinner prepared by the executive chef himself, featuring five off-the-menu courses with wine pairings. Doesn’t this sound like a foodie dream come true?

The restaurant calls it the “5-6-7 dining experience:” 5 courses, 6 seats at the exclusive chef’s counter, at 7 p.m. every Thursday night. And it is truly an experience: You get to watch the chef make and serve you plate after plate of beautiful, awe-inspiring, exquisite food.

I consider myself a fairly well-seasoned diner, and I was blown away by how impeccable the entire dinner was. The service timing was on point, the wine pairings perfect, and the whole evening just seemed magical.

And if you think this kind of dinner comes with a hefty price tag, you’re in for a sweet surprise -- it’s way more affordable than I would have anticipated. Check out the logistics section below for the actual value.

WHY GO: Because your date night is due for an upgrade. This dining experience is sure to impress, whether you’ve been dating for a couple of weeks or a number of years.
The bar at One Midtown Kitchen (c) CWPR 

THE VIBE: One Midtown Kitchen has mastered the industrial yet warm-and-welcoming atmosphere. Think renovated warehouse with Edison-style vintage pendant lamps that give off just enough light to enjoy your meal.
The interior at One Midtown Kitchen (c) CWPR
DRINK THIS: I highly recommend getting the wine pairings for each course. This restaurant has a fantastic sommelier -- she is particularly knowledgeable about French and Italian wines and does a phenomenal job pairing them with Chef Matt Weinstein’s delectable dishes.
Chef Matt preparing the first course as I sip on a glass of bubbly, the wine pairing for the cherry tomato salad
EAT THIS: The 5-6-7 dinner includes 5 courses, and every single one was delicious. It’s difficult to pick a favorite, but if I had to, I’d say it was the second course: Black pepper shrimp with chanterelle mushrooms.
First course: Cherry tomato salad with compressed watermelon, black garlic aioli, sesame seeds, and feta cheese
Second course: Black pepper shrimp with chanterelles, roasted corn, peppadew peppers, and salsa verde 

Third course: Pork belly with  hummus, cilantro labneh, and crispy okra 
The first course was also hard to ignore: Cherry tomato and watermelon salad, with black garlic aioli (mmmmm), sesame seeds and feta cheese. 
Fourth course: Duck breast with Parisian gnocchi, artichoke barigoule, ricotta, spinach, and peas 

And the fourth course -- the duck breast -- was absolutely insane. The perfectly cooked duck sat atop some Parisian gnocchi (which, I learned, are not made from potatoes) and fresh summer greens, like peas and spinach.
Fifth course: Chocolate creme brulee with toasted marshmallow and graham cracker crunch 

LOGISTICS: Are you ready for the price? $55 a person! The wine pairings are an additional $20-25, which is a steal, considering you get 5 glasses of wine. For two people, I was expecting to pay hundreds (as in, multiple) of dollars for this type of meal, so I think this is a fantastic deal. Not too shabby for a sweet little Thursday night date.

You do have to make a reservation for this meal, which you can do by calling the restaurant and asking for the 5-6-7 chef's counter experience.

One Midtown Kitchen is located at the end of Dutch Valley Road in Midtown, Atlanta -- just off Monroe Drive and walking distance from Piedmont Park. Parking options include valet and street parking. 

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