Tuesday, February 6, 2018

New Taste Tuesday: Amorino

It’s never too cold for ice cream! Am I right? Especially when it looks as beautiful as this gelato cone from Amorino at The Shops Buckhead Atlanta.

Nestled between ATTOM and Tod’s, this location is Amorino’s newest in Atlanta, and I’ve recently had the opportunity to check it out. It is absolutely adorable, and the menu is impressive! 

In addition to authentic Italian gelato, Amorino offers delicious coffee (I would definitely come here for my morning cup) and tasty pastries. Check out the photos below for more details.

WHY GO: Because you have a serious gelato craving!
Amorino has lots of different gelato and sorbet flavors
THE VIBE: Warm and enticing. How can it not be, with all those flavors of gelato staring right at you!

DRINK THIS: Macchiato! We’re talking the Italian kind, not the Starbucks kind. As in, a shot of espresso with a little dollop of milk foam on top. It’s small, yes, but mighty satisfying.
Macchiato (in a glass) and espresso (in a cup) drinks

EAT THIS: The flower cone! It’s too beautiful to pass up, and it’s what makes Amorino stand out in the sea of gelato shops throughout Atlanta. You can get the cone in three different sizes and with as many flavor combinations as you’d like.
The staff at Amorino makes such impressive creations!

I also chose to add a gelato macaron to mine. Yes, you read that right: A macaron with a gelato middle.

Amorino also serves gelato in the form of a frappe (a blended, Frappuccino-style drink), on top of waffles, or inside crepes. They also have sorbet, which you can get in a cup, or as a granita or a smoothie.

Oh, and there are so many sweet treat options: There are pies, and tortas, and biscotti. Basically, Amorino has all your sugar craving covered!
All the sweets

LOGISTICS: Located inside The Shops Buckhead Atlanta, this location of Amorino is on Bolling Way, near Le Bilboquet restaurant and Tod’s and Diptyque boutiques. You can self-park in the main garage or valet.

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