Tuesday, February 13, 2018

New Taste Tuesday: The Local Pizzaiolo

Atlanta’s Neapolitan-style pizza scene is crushing it! And there’s one newcomer you should know about: The Local Pizzaiolo. The flavors are authentic, the sizes are smaller than usual (aka, perfect for one person), and I love that. Read on to see what else makes this place worth visiting.

WHY GO: Because the brains behind this pizza place, Giulio Adriani, is BFFs with the brains behind the best pizza place in the world (Gino Sorbillo, of Sorbillo pizza in Naples & NYC). Clearly, he knows how to make great pizza. 

THE VIBE: Casual but with fancy cocktails.
How adorable is this mural inside the restaurant? (c) The Local Pizzaiolo
DRINK THIS: Speaking of cocktails, grab any one that’s on tap. Yep, I said on tap. Your choices include negroni (such a classic Italian cocktail!), Aperol spritz (talk about another classic!), Neapolitan storm (an Italian take on the dark & stormy), and espresso martini.
The Neapolitan Storm cocktail -- super pretty and delicious!

EAT THIS: Pizza, duh! My favorite pies include When Pigs Fly (with prosciutto and arugula) and The Farmer’s Market from Giulio’s pizza menu, as well as the Puttanesca from the gluten-free menu. Yep, I said gluten free. And no, you can’t tell it’s GF.
The Farmer's Market pizza, with Brussels sprouts, goat cheese and bacon bits (c) The Local Pizzaiolo
The Gypsy pizza, with roasted wild mushrooms, bechamel, and truffle oil
The Local Pizzaiolo menu also features a great selection of salads, as well as a little something called Pizza Al Metro. It’s not a pie, but rather a sandwich made of pizza dough and stuffed with pizza ingredients of the day, like Italian cured meats, cheeses and veggies. Giulio dreams up a new flavor each day, and it depends on the ingredients available that day.
All the gelato please!

There’s also dessert. Your choices are authentic Italian gelato in a multitude of flavors (hazelnut is delicious!) and Nutella bites: Fried strips of pizza dough served with whipped cream, powdered sugar and Nutella. Yum!

LOGISTICS: The Local Pizzaiolo’s first Atlanta location is now open in West Midtown, near 5 Seasons and Hop City. And they’re opening up a few other locations around the city, including at Toco Hills, Madison Yards and Sandy Springs. 

PS: The first photo in this blog post is courtesy of The Local Pizzaiolo, via the restaurant's Facebook page.

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