Monday, April 2, 2018

Fave Five: Restaurants that march to the beat of their own drum

Sometimes, you just want something a little different when going out to eat. Sure, delicious food, cool ambiance, and great service can always be part of your decision-making process when picking out a restaurant, but every once in awhile, you may be looking for something unique.

That’s where the five eateries below come into play. As the name of this blog post suggests, they all definitely march to the beat of their own drum: No matter the food industry trends, these restaurants stay true to their original visions. And a lot of them have been around for years, if not decades, so you know what they’re doing is working.

And speaking of drums, did you know STOMP is coming to Atlanta? The international percussion group is only in town for a limited time – April 6 and 7 – so definitely grab your tickets for their performance soon.
Not sure what STOMP is all about? The award-winning show boasts amazing drumming routines using everyday objects, like brooms, lighters, and car parts. You won’t see any conventional percussion equipment throughout the show, but you’ll be captivated the entire time! You can read more about theshow here, watch a preview here, and get your tickets here.

5 restaurants that march to the beat of their own drum:

Unique doesn’t even begin to describe this Atlanta institution. We’re talking super colorful interior, live exotic birds outside, and a lengthy menu full of inventive, health-conscious items. The entire space is reminiscent of a tropical island. If you don’t have a selfie with one Mr. Thomas’ birds (or a pic of the food), can you even call yourself an Atlantan?

What do you get when you combine burgers and sushi? Burgushi! That’s actually the name of this restaurant’s signature dish, and it’s exactly what it sounds like: Burger ingredients in the form of a sushi roll. The rolls vary, from one with cheddar cheese, bacon and ketchup, to another one topped with seared filet.

This restaurant has such a cool concept: Half their menu remains constant throughout the year, but the other half rotates every quarter to a different global cuisine. So one quarter it may be Thai, followed by Russian the next quarter and Cuban the next. And the d├ęcor here is super eclectic and worldly, in the best way possible.  

Decorated with upside-down umbrellas and serving high tea with all the proper accoutrements, this place is one of the most unique ones in Atlanta. And the ATL ladies love it! From a simple catch up to a lovely baby or wedding shower, this is such a fun way to connect with your girlfriends.

If you come here for an early dinner, you may not see what makes this place unique. But if you stay for the dancing after dinner, you’ll understand what I mean. Starting at 10 pm, a DJ starts spinning, Ouzo starts pouring, and dancing is only interrupted with shouts of “Opa!” and throwing of napkins up in the air to celebrate… whatever you want to celebrate!

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